How to Dress Like a Golfer: Best Brands to Wear

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How to Dress Like a Golfer: Best Brands to Wear

Sport may ignite your competitiveness. On the ground, you may become a different person. Today, plyers are nicely merging their performance with style. Being one of the most elite sports around the world, golf apparel demands certain finesse if not flamboyance. The game demands a precise dress code that has been followed in the sports fraternity for a pretty long time. The various golf clubs, communities, etc. can give you a detailed guide that can help you in your shopping. You can buy these items either from the regular retail outlets or from various online platforms. 

The online platforms often offer ace products as proven by the availability of the best golf apparel at usuckatgolf. Now that we are settled with the avenues from where you can shop let us talk about the best relevant things to buy.

Brands matter

Even before we start with the list of the items that can help you look like a professional ace golfer, you need to know how to discern class from the mass. The quality of the apparel and the accessories used for the game can help you deliver a solid impression and also remain comfy throughout the sport.  Buy brands that are available in the market for quite some time and has repute. While buying online brands take a good look at their distribution network and whether they will make doorstep delivery at your place or not. Go through their past customer reviews to know about their experience and opinions about the online platforms and their products.

Now let us take a look at the items you need to buy for the sport of golf.


Any style of T-shirt will not do for the sport. You need a collared polo T-shirt. You can buy short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirts but they must have a collar. Preferably buy a T-shirt that is made out of cotton, linen, or other similar material this will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the sport. Preferably opt for cool light colors. Too dark and flashy colors are not really ideal for the sport.

Proper trousers

When we talk of trousers, then again it must fit the fashion trends of the game. You can choose shorts, slacks or trousers. The length should either be full length or just above the knees. Knee level shorts are also welcome. Shorts with a shorter length might not be the ideal dress code. Whichever design you select they must have the belt loops. No soccer shorts or drawstring shorts will fit the purpose. Keep the colors of the trousers demure and sober. Some of the best choices are khaki, beige, cream, etc.

Golf shoes

When buying golf shoes remember not to buy shoes that have steel spikes! Steel spikes often harm the green golf fields. This is why shoes with rubber spikes to studs on the sole are considered to be the best choices for the game.

Apart from the above items, there are numerous other items like hats, gloves, socks, wrist bands, etc that are a part of the golf attire. Look into the finer aspects to make a strong impression in your game.


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