Leather Jackets That Changed My Life

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Okay, let me just confess I was a little confuse. Actually, the only thing I felt standing there at the counter in the queue was confusion. It might be only me or maybe all of you who have also felt this way when buying your first-ever leather jacket but this chaos was not without any reason.

Here comes my story about how a Women's Leather Jacket for Sale changed my life in many ways.

Leather is an ageless fabric and that? We all are aware of it so I won't drag this but come to the point that most of us are not even conscious of our own body and the acceptance our body is capable of making and just like that, I was one of such clans too. Not knowing my 'type' when it comes to articles of clothing I used to be pretty down to keep on with my routine where I only wear the brands and the clothes that I have been wearing since the beginning of the time when one morning all of this changed.

Walking to work on the streets in NYC is something rarely seen however in my case it was what I did every day, call it one of the pros of my workplace being really close to the apartment I rented or just my fortune but it is what it is. Anyways, the Christmas holidays were around the corner and me not getting off were both terrible (I might add cold too) whereas, all this snow and the cold breeze made it even worse to survive.

Did I mention the rules at my workplace? that is another pro where being in a software firm does not bound you for wearing formal dresses. It certainly does not mean that I can walk-in in a pair of Panda print PJs but not gonna lie, wearing some easy clothes to work as a decent pair of jeans and a nicely laced sober top was a lot comfortable than wearing a three-piece tuxedo while choking on my bow was but one thing during these sad winters (sad because I got no holidays) was an issue for me which was having to wear a decent outfit under all those layers of my sweaters and jackets but that would not keep me warm enough and sitting with a beanie with a long fur coat seems a little unconventional or let's be honest, It makes you look like a fool. 

So lately, I was in search of something that I could wear at work that would keep me warm and acceptable too. With similar thoughts, I walked past a store that had this huge banner outside saying "Leather On Sale" not that I was a fan of leather apparel but who won't be compelled by reading "sale" written in bold? and I can always walk out empty-handed if I don't find anything worth buying, a bit of an embarrassment never hurts anyone especially when the money is hard-earned.

Walking into the store I saw sections that had labels like on my left was a rack of bags made out of leather and on my right was a rack of belts but what grabbed my attention was the section right in front

of my eyes that had a variety of leather jackets, different racks with different labels like this one that attracted me the most was a piece from the rack labeled Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets while the one behind it was called the Black Leather Biker Jacket Mens and I will not deny what stylish and classical articles both of these racks had, I was truly amazed (I might sound extravagant but I had never been to a leather store before). That was the only moment in life I wanted to be a guy so bad after all, these jackets were so appealing until I dropped my gaze on this Women Leather Jacket rack that carried some of the fanciest leather jackets with studs and stars and pearls, yeah I figured this was not my place but while I pretended to be interested in buying I saw a leather jacket in black color with slightly greasy texture, having traditional pockets on the waist and an easy zipper closure on the front with a shirt style collar, looked appropriate for my office, In the end, wasn't this the exact reason I was roaming through this store and being a woman in NewYork City I would never let go anything on sale so after giving it a detailed physical interrogation I went on to try it and guess what? This was the best decision I made in the past years because not only this jacket fitted me ideally but was also warm since Sheepskin hide was the pelage, (Which I got to know after asking the shopkeeper) with two more inner pockets and viscose lining this jacket became everything I was looking for. Did I forget to mention how stylish and abstemious I looked at the same time? 

That one jacket got me hooked to leather and changed my perspective once and for all. 

Now I have a couple of leather jackets in my closet in different styles and colors that I wear almost every day at work under my fur coat, of course, it keeps me warm and trendy and what I love the most about it is the fact that I can pull it over with any, literally any pair of jeans along with whatever type of shoes I want to wear.

Today is another cold morning (the next year though) as I sit in my cabin in front of my laptop wearing this dark blue leather jacket all warm and cozy, thinking of the day I bought my first leather jacket and how It changed my life.

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