Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Leather Jackets

Super Villains take up the role of saviors for US nation when an undefeatable guy appears dangerous. Above all the fightings and action, the team surely maintains its stylish reputation with Suicide Squad leather jackets.

The movie revolves around the Joker and his vicious plans to destroy peace and harmony of society, To fight against him, Amanda Waller forms a special task force consisting of villains and vigilantes held captive in US prison.

Giving his directions, David Ayer has done a nice job with the screenplay that he himself wrote. The duo of Charles Roven and Richard Suckle handled the financial matter responsibly as the producers. The movie is produced under DC Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment banner and would be distributed under Warner Bros. Pictures. Having biggest star cast, Suicide Squad has Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Jared Leto in main lead.

Among all, Joker's leather coat is one of the famous Suicide Squad leather jackets. The purple color nailed its beauty even more. Will Smith didn't miss to inspired people with his brown long coat from the Suicide Squad leather jackets collection. In Suicide Squad leather jackets, Jay Hernandez blue letterman jacket is also quite famous. Giving something fashionable to ladies, Margot Robbie is not behind in impressing everyone with her satin fabric jacket that she wore in the movie. Cara Delevingne, Ike Barinholtz and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in fact every character has a unique costume jacket that got much appreciation even before the release of the movie. Pick one jacket you like and be the proud fan of Suicide Squad team members.


After his defeat from Batman, the Joker had to sacrifice his love and keep a distance from Harley Quinn until getting a chance to grab her back and fly away from US officials. What people liked in his personality is the trench coat he wore associated with Suicide Squad leather jackets.

This action flick was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures that got much appraisal for the visual effects used beautifully by John Gilroy's editing expertise. DC Entertainment signed contract with RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment to release this movie in their collaborations. The story, directions in fact whole plot was beautifully crafted by David Ayer who gave this movie a refined perspective that pulled back the falling image of DC Comics. charles Roven and Richard Suckle financed this movie in collaborations to bring this new concept on big screen in shape of a movie. The casting team boosted the success of this movie with multi-star cast and paved the ways to reach high box office collections. Playing the love attraction of Joker, Margot Robbie demonstrated her bubblicious acting skills and made everyone wonder with a new twist in her acting skills. Along with Robbie, Jared Leto gave one of his best acting performances with intense facial expressions to maintain a psycho-like feel in his character.

Another big name of Will Smith is associated with this action pack movie who played Deadshot and gave the movie a new direction with his all-time- favorite dialogue delivery skills. The story revolves around a mysterious object destructing a busy railway station and then whole city with its magical powers when Suicide Squad interferes to stop the anarchy. Initially refusing to save world, the team made up their mind to work together for stopping the bewitched love attraction of agent Flag. During the movie, Joker makes his appearance to save his love and sneak away from the team but badly fails.

Made with synthetic leather material, this trench coat from Suicide Squad leather jackets gives you an immensely handsome personality that makes everyone look back at you in crowd. You'll love the viscose lining stitched into this attire from Suicide Squad leather jackets that enhances your comfort and gives you warm and satisfying experience. We gave this attire a purple color with amazing texture all over that makes it an appealing option to wear from Suicide Squad jackets and give you a polished personality for formal functions. We gave this coat two inside pockets for making things easier for you to carry things efficiently with you and keep them handy when needed. The lapel collar, stitched in this coat from Suicide Squad jackets collection, makes your personality very charming and appealing to win over many hearts that you feel special and amazing in this attire. The full sleeves on each arm makes your comfort double and give you an elite feel with appropriate arm length. Make use of buttoned closure and protect your front torso against heavy winds when walking down the road in odd weather conditions in this coat.